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Music Specialist Scheme & Admission

Admission into the Department of Music is administered by the Faculty of Arts. The Department also participates in recommending students to be admitted through the Music Specialist Scheme. Students choosing this option must major in music. Students may get more information about the admission process from the HKU admissions website at

The Music Specialist Scheme

  • What is the Music Specialist Scheme?

The Music Specialist Scheme is a special admissions scheme administered by the HKU Department of Music in association with the Arts Faculty Admissions Committee.

  • What is the purpose of the Scheme?

The Music Specialist Scheme provides a channel through which JUPAS and non-JUPAS students may be considered for admission to the BA curriculum to study music. Applicants who are offered a place in the BA programme through the Music Specialist Scheme must major in music. They may also choose to pursue a double major or up to two minors.

  • Who is eligible for the Music Specialist Scheme?

JUPAS and non-JUPAS applicants with some knowledge of music may be considered for the Scheme.

  • What is the selection process?

The Department of Music will select applicants for the Music Specialist Scheme based on their academic and musical background.

JUPAS applicants of the 2019?HKDSE who wish to be considered for the Music Specialist Scheme, please download a form?here.?A soft copy of the completed form should be emailed to [email protected] by 30 April 2019?at the latest.

?For non-JUPAS applicants, the University Admissions applications will suffice. No further forms are needed.

Applicants will be invited to complete a Music Aptitude Test, which is normally held around the middle of May. Applicants who score well in the test are then invited for an interview and audition, which generally takes place around the second week of June.

Once the interviews and auditions are complete, the Department of Music makes recommendations to the Faculty Admissions Committee (FAC) for further consideration. The FAC makes the final decision about who will be admitted under the Scheme. A letter will then be sent to all applicants informing them if they have been offered a place.

  • How many places are offered for the Scheme?

The number of Music Specialist places offered varies each year, but is generally not more than twenty places.

  • What happens at the interview and audition?

During the interview and audition, applicants are invited to discuss their specific interests in music, perform for the panel, present their compositions, or show any other music-based projects they may have undertaken.

Applicants may also use this forum to learn more about the Music Department's programme.

After the interview, applicants receive a guided tour of the Department, and meet with staff members and students at the consultation desk on LG1/F of Run Run Shaw Tower.