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Admission &?Music Scholarship Scheme

Admission into the Department of Music is administered by the Faculty of Arts. Students may get more information about the admission process from the HKU admissions website at

The Department also participates in screening and recommending students to be admitted through the Music Scholarship Scheme.

The Music Scholarship Scheme

  • What is the Music Scholarship Scheme?

The Music Scholarship Scheme provides an exclusive opportunity at the University for outstanding applicants whose pre-university experience includes a significant commitment to the pursuit of music excellence as well as to their formal academic studies.

Applicants who are offered a place in the BA programme through the Music Scholarship Scheme must major in Music. They may also, like all other Arts students, choose to pursue a double major, or up to two minors.

The Music Scholarship Scheme enable admitted Music Scholars to have access to:

    • i. financial subsidy for attending overseas workshops/master classes conferences/competitions/festivals that are directly related to their musical studies while enrolled as a student at HKU;

    • ii. guidance from a music/academic mentor individually from the start of the undergraduate study.

  • Who is eligible for the Music Scholarship Scheme?

To be eligible for the Music Scholarship Scheme applicants must have:

    • i. satisfied the minimum University entrance requirements for the year of admission;

    • ii. demonstrated exceptional music prowess; and

    • iii. met the entrance requirements for the Arts Faculty.

  • What is the selection process?

The Music Department will screen applicants for the Music Scholarship Scheme based on their academic and musical background. Selected applicants will be invited for an interview and audition (some may be asked to sit for an aptitude test). Once the interviews and auditions are completed, successful applicants will be recommended for admissions to BA programme as Music Scholars.

Interviews and auditions will be held in Hong Kong:

    • in December of the year prior to the admission year to March of the admission year (for those applying through Non-JUPAS/Direct Admissions Scheme to Senior Year Places and Non-local applicants); or

    • in June of the admission year (for JUPAS candidates).

Non-local applicants or applicants studying outside Hong Kong who are not able to attend interview and audition in person please contact Professor Chan Hing-yan at [email protected]

  • What happens at the interview and audition?

During the interview and audition, applicants are invited to discuss their specific interests in music, perform for the panel, present compositions, or show any other music-based projects they may have undertaken. Applicants may also use this forum to learn more about the Music Department.

  • How many places are offered for the Scheme?

The number of Music Scholarship Scheme places offered varies each year, but is generally not more than 20 places.

  • How to apply?

Make sure you have submitted your admission application before completing the Music Scholarship Scheme application.
The online application requires you to submit a number of personal, academic and employment details, including an essay and a video. Please take this into consideration when planning your application and don’t wait till the last minute.
JUPAS candidates applying to the Music Scholarship Scheme must include 6054 BA as one of their band A programme choices as of May 20, 2020, after the deadline for updating programme choices before the release of HKDSE examination results.