Department of Music

the university of hong kong

Instrument Collection

The Department of Music has a large collection of musical instruments, including Steinway and Kawai grand pianos. Of special interest is its fine collection of early instruments, including a Flemish-style double-manual harpsichord, five-octave unfretted clavichord, virginal, two square pianofortes, chamber organ, viola da gamba, two lutes, and complete sets of recorders and crumhorns.

The Department owns the only Balinese gamelan gong kebyar in the region, and has a Central Javanese gamelan on loan from the Indonesian Consulate. In addition to a standard array of Western percussion instruments, the Department owns a complete set of Ghanaian agbekor drums, Brazilian and Cuban percussion instruments, and several instruments from India. Its collection of Chinese instruments comprises a qin (seven-string zither) from the Qing Dynasty (AD 1644-1911), and many string, wind, and percussion instruments. All of the above are in perfect playing condition and many of historical value. They are available for students' use in lessons, workshops, and performances.